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Terms and conditions

By using the website, users agree to these terms and conditions, which also regulate mutual obligations between BOCK d.o.o. and users regarding online purchases. These terms and conditions are drafted in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (Zakon o varstvu potrošnikov (ZVPot-UPB2), recommendations of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (GZS) and international e-commerce codes of practice. Terms and conditions are also drafted in accordance with the Slovenian Code of Obligations (Obligacijski zakonik). An order can be altered or cancelled only if it has not yet been executed or its execution could still be prevented.
Online store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Product information, terms and conditions, online apps and other information in the online store are available only in Slovene. A buyer can place an order only through the website. A contract between the seller and a buyer is concluded when the seller receives an order and a buyer receives a feedback email on confirmation of the order. If a product cannot be supplied, the seller must inform the buyer in the shortest time possible. The seller is not liable for material defects in goods that appear two years or more after delivery.

At the website, it is possible to buy products, displayed in the online store. These products can be passed on to third parties, except for ammunition and arms. All prices are in Euros. The seller attaches an invoice (pro forma invoice) to a delivery, and sends an invoice after the products are paid. If you choose the option collection on delivery, the price you have to pay will be increased by postal charges for delivery of the purchased goods charged by GLS Slovenia, in accordance with their valid price list. The company ships all products in stock within 2-5 working days, counting from the day of the order confirmation. If you choose payment to our bank account, the order will be handled after the payment is received. The delivery deadline runs from the first workday after receiving payment confirmation. Products will be delivered by the Post of Slovenia. Costs of package delivery are unified for delivery all over Slovenia. Delivery costs are EUR 6. Delivery costs are tallied in an order which will be shown in a shopping bag and listed on the invoice.

Deliveries exceeding EUR in Slovenia 100 are FREE OF CHARGE, otherwise, postal charges are EUR 4.90!
Delivery will be made by GLS Slovenia and the payment for the products and the delivery collected upon delivery.
You will not be refunded for the delivery costs if you return or exchange goods.

International Shipping up to 5 kg
  < 5 kg
Zone I 18,39 €
Zone II 21,45 €
Zone III 25,28 €
Zone IV 39,84 €
Zone V 43,02 €
Zone VI 60,24 €
Croatia 8,59 €
Zone I
Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium
Zone II
Italy, Denmark
Zone III
Hungary, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Great Britain, Lithuania
Zone IV
Romania, Spain, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Finland
Zone V
Portugal, Switzerland, Greece, Ireland, Turkey
Zone VI
Bulgaria, Norway

Purchase of ammunition and arms
Unfortunately, shipment of ammunition or arms is not an option, therefore, the mentioned goods must be personally accepted in the BOCK d.o.o. store, Dražgoška ulica 2, 4000 Kranj, Slovenia. At the time of purchase or handing over of ammunition, a client must provide a valid arms licence or a valid purchase permission and proof of identity, while when purchasing or handing over weapons, a client must provide a valid purchase permission and proof of identity. If a client is unable to provide an arms licence or a purchase permission, an order or a purchase is cancelled.

A buyer living in Slovenia can forward their purchased products to a third person as a gift, however, that person has to have a delivery address in Slovenia. BOCK d.o.o. will make sure that a shipment is sent to the recipient of the gift, and an invoice is sent to the buyer.

Warranty is included in the indicated products. The length of warranty period is indicated in the description of each product. For warranty claims, contact us at our email address: When claiming warranty, conditions indicated in the warranty certificate attached to a product apply. To be able to claim warranty, you need a copy of an invoice and a warranty certificate. All defects in material or workmanship and imperfections that may arise in a warranty period, will be eliminated free of charge.

Warranty does not apply in case of defects due to improper use, negligent handling, mechanical damage, if a product has been tampered with by a non-authorised person, or due to defects in case of force majeure.

- undue use and use contrary to indicated instructions
- defects that arise due to a fall, blow and similar
- preliminary repairs by a non-authorised person
- installed non-original parts

In accordance with the law of the Republic of Slovenia, air weapons fall under the category D, item6, i.e. arms for which a person does not need a preliminary purchase permission, however, every purchase is recorded in a special record. Repairing or processing arms by a non-authorised person is forbidden!
In case of a malfunction or defect, deliver your arms with a copy of invoice and a correctly filled warranty certificate to an authorised service provider:

BOCK, podjetje za izdelavo in prodajo lovskega orožja, d.o.o., Kranj
Dražgoška 2, KRANJ 4000 Tel.: 04 20 23 320 email:,

For any additional information on warranty and authorised service providers, please contact

The company is liable for material defects 2 years from the day of purchase, in accordance with the provisions of Articles 25b, 37-40 of the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot, Official Gazzete of the RS, No. 98/04 – UPB, 114/06, 126/07, 86/09, 78/11, 38/14 and 19/15).

Any buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract. In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), a consumer has the right to inform the company of their withdrawal from the contract without having to state a reason for their decision, in 14 days after acceptance of a product. Notification is timely and valid, if a shipment is posted before the expiry of a deadline. The only cost that burdens the consumer in relation to the withdrawal from the contract is direct costs of returning a product. A product has to be returned to the company 14 days after the notification of withdrawal at the latest. If a consumer returns a product within 14 days of the acceptance of delivery, such is deemed a withdrawal. A product has to be unused, undamaged and in unchanged quantity, in original packaging and with a valid invoice. In case of a refund claim, please inform us in advance at the email address Send your claim for return of a product to: BOCK d.o.o., Dražgoška ulica 2, 4000 Kranj. The purchase price will be refunded in 8 days at the latest after the receipt of returned goods, via a postal note or to your bank account, which you need to state in your claim.

A buyer files a complaint to the email address A buyer completes the refund/complaint form, which they received by email and attaches it to the goods. They must also attach the original invoice. BOCK d.o.o. will confirm the receipt of a complaint in five workdays after receiving the buyers complaint, and inform them of subsequent procedure.
A buyer can make a complaint about a product if it does not have the qualities that were explicitly promised by the seller, if they received wrong products, products of wrong colour or quantity, or if a product differs from buyer’s order in any way.

A buyer can make a complaint about a product within 8 days from the purchase and demand instant replacement for an equal, intact product, its repair or a refund. In the latter case, the seller reserves the right to charge rent in accordance with a valid price list to a buyer who has used a product, however, not more than in the sum of lower market value of the product due to its use.

If a product excessively shrinks after washing, leaks colour, changes colour or deforms in any other way, we accept it, write a complaint record form and send the product for analysis. If experts find that the defect was due to improper maintenance (e.g. washing at too high temperature) the costs of analysis are paid by the buyer in accordance with a valid price list, however, if a defect is in the goods, the costs of analysis are paid by the seller. The seller is not liable for damage due to improper maintenance.
A buyer can return a product via mail. We do not accept collect on delivery shipments!
If a complaint is justified, a buyer has an option to exchange a product for an equal one or similar one, to exchange it for any other product from our offer, or decide for a refund in which case we transfer the money to their account.

If a complaint is not justified, a product is returned to the buyer, who is then charged for the costs of shipment. Uncollected products and unjustified complaints are no obstacle to buyer’s duty to pay the claim.

These kind of complaints may be filed within 3 days after the receipt of shipment. Later claims will unfortunately not be considered. If at the time of delivery, you should notice that the parcel has been damaged, we ask you to kindly decline the shipment and request the postal worker to draft a complaint record regarding damaged the parcel. This is the only way for you to quickly receive a new product and for us to consider the complaint.

The Seller will do anything in their power to fulfil their duty of establishing an efficient system of dealing with complaints. In case of problems, a Buyer can contact the Seller via email Within 3 working days, the Seller will confirm the acceptance of a complaint, notify the buyer of the length of procedure and notify them of the course of action.

All prices are in Euros (EUR) and are valid in the Republic of Slovenia. The prices and discounts valid at the time of placing an order apply. Each purchase at the online store already carries a discount. Deadlines of potential discount offers at the online store are indicated in the online store. The prices indicated apply only at the online store VAT is included in all prices, unless indicated otherwise.

Buyers from Slovenia can pay their products in the following ways:
- collect on delivery: when receiving an order with this option, we will send you a confirmation email, and ship the products by the agreed deadline. Purchase price for ordered product is paid to the delivery service upon receipt of ordered products. Buyers from abroad cannot choose collect on delivery option.
- advance payment: if you choose the advance payment option, your confirmation email will contain data required to make the payment. Your order will be processed the day after your payment is received.
- payment via PayPal: payment via PayPal is one of the safest online payment options, since your credit card information is not given to a seller. Your card data is received only by the PayPal company, which is registered as a bank in the EU. Payment is simple: choose the option payment via PayPal and upon confirmation you will be redirected to the PayPal page. Sign in to your PayPal account and confirm your payment. Via email, you will receive payment confirmation and we will send you an order confirmation. Until the entire purchase price is paid, the chosen items will remain property of BOCK d.o.o.

Our contract partner for shipment deliveries is GLS Slovenia.
All orders placed until 11 p.m. will be taken over by GLS on the following workday. Delivery will take place on the following workday (except on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays).

If delivery is not successful, GLS Slovenia ensures the following:
- If the recipient is absent, GLS Slovenia will notify the recipient and then keep the parcel for ten workdays at the most, and try to deliver it to the recipient again.
-If the recipient cannot be found at the delivery address, GLS Slovenia will leave a message at the mentioned address about the delivery. It will contain the package number and a telephone number of GLS Slovenia. The recipient and GLS Slovenia have to come to an agreement about a new delivery date within four days.

Goods are delivered only in the territory of Slovenia.

Delivery costs are 4,90€ independent of size and weight of a package. On orders over EUR 100, the delivery is free of charge.

Deadline for delivery of goods in stock for shipments to Slovenia is 2-5 workdays after an order is confirmed. For shipments abroad, the deadline is extended in accordance with the extra delivery times and customs clearance, which is a factor BOCK d.o.o. has no influence on and is not liable for.

Contract is kept at the company headquarters and can be obtained on written request. You can file such request to the address: BOCK d.o.o., Dražgoška ulica 2, 4000 Kranj with a note Contract. A contract is concluded in the Slovene language.

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